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Arbitration related to the shut down and abandonment of a terminal and offshore buoy for exporting crude oil in Argentina.

Arbitration in the Cámara de Comercio de Quito related to a Ship or Pay contract for the transport of crude oil in Ecuador.

ICC arbitration in relation to the termination of a project for the construction & operation of telecommunications networks in Peru.

ICC arbitration in relation to the damages suffered by an Argentine O&G company regarding a contract with a refining company.

Arbitration at the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange in relation to the debt of a distribution company with a local gas producer.

ICSID arbitration in relation to the interests of a world leading paper-based packaging company in Venezuela.

Arbitration in the Paraguay Arbitration and Mediation Center in relation to a Take or Pay contract for the transport of sugar.

Local litigation case regarding the alleged collusion in setting discount and interchange rates charged by banks that issue credit or debit cards in a south American country.

Proposal for the introduction of competition & free choice of supplier in the residential natural gas sector in Argentina.

Evaluation of the economic impact of the start-up of the grain elevator in the port of San Nicolas, Argentina.

Market study of the conditions of competition in the petrochemical sector in Saudi Arabia.

Expert advice on the obligation to notify an economic concentration to the competition authority in Argentina.

Expert advice regarding the impact on competition of contracts for distribution of products of a leading beer company in Ecuador.

Expert advice regarding the competitive impact of the transaction between two ground take cargo handling service operators at Quito International Airport during pre-notification and regulator investigation.

Expert advice regarding the accusation of prohibited concentration, cartelization and anti-competitive practices against banks and their virtual wallet to the competition authority in Argentina.

Expert advice regarding alleged anti-competitive conduct and market power abuse by a leading e-commerce and fintech platform in Latin America, in violation of antitrust and competition laws in Argentina.

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